Security Services

Security measures are always excessive, until they’re not enough…

Threat Hunting

Instead of waiting for a security incident to happen, our Security Services include proactively searching for any possible cyber security threats. Squashing them before they have a change to do any damage.

Machine Learning

Our Cyber Security Services can utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence. This greatly increases detection and response speeds and in turn improves your overall security posture.

Physical Security

Unlike most IT companies, we extend our Security Services to the real world in order to provide your company with the best protection possible.

Fibronic Anti-Malware


Malware is the collective name for Trojans, viruses, ransomware, and all other types of malicious software. Unfortunately, there has been an exponential growth in malware and it's showing no signs of stopping. Investing in a solid anti-malware solution has never been wiser.

Fibronic can offer an anti-malware solution that's tailored to your company size, budget, and business operations. Ensuring that your devices have maximum protection from cyber threats means that your colleagues can work safely and efficiently.

Fibronic Data Protection

Data Protection

We're specialized in protecting your company's sensitive data. Protecting data isn't just about encryption or protecting it with a password. Safeguarding data from corruption, deletion, unauthorized access, and other unwanted occurrences requires more.

That's why we adopt a comprehensive and all-encompassing Data Protection Strategy that's not just about keeping data secure. Among other things, we make sure your data is highly available, monitored 24/7, and always recoverable.

Fibronic Firewall


Firewalls are there to make sure that no unauthorized network traffic occurs. They achieve this by inspecting every packet of inbound and outbound network traffic. Most routers have some basic form of firewall functionality built in, but are not really suited to the task. If you're serious about protecting your network, choose a dedicated firewall.

We have different types of firewalls on offer, so we can deploy the one that best fits your requirements: you can choose anything from a basic dedicated firewall that allows or disallows traffic based on security rules, to an advanced intelligent firewall that can detect complex attack patterns, and even physical firewalls.

Identity Protection

A compromised user account is usually the first point of entry for attackers. Once they have access to a user account, they can work themselves up from there. Making sure all of your user accounts are insusceptible to such attacks is crucial.

A great place to start is by implementing Multi-Factor Authentication to make sure that sign-ins are no longer just based on a password. We can take this to the next level by applying machine learning sign-in risk evaluation. If a sign-in attempt is deemed risky, additional security measures such as a password reset can be applied.

Fibronic SIEM and SOAR


Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) service provides a single solution for your cyber security needs. It can collect security data from all of your other security applications and provides a birds-eye view of your entire IT landscape. And then it can do so much more.

With all that collected information it can easily detect cyber attacks, give insights into what exactly happened, and how it happened. Automated responses can be set up to create a ticket in your incident management system or to run a countermeasure. Lastly, it can also actively hunt for possible threats and neutralize them before they can become a threat to your digital assets.

your security is only as strong as its weakest link

Physical Security Services


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